The images below are screen captures. They are significant to me as documentation, reference material, and occasionally as finished artworks.

Some of these images are hastily documented, unprovoked glitches that occur on my computer. Several images were more methodically 'composed' during the rendering and coding of Anti-Immersive Gallery. A curatorial project I headed in 2015, Anti-Immersive showcased monthly virtual art installations in fully realized and explorable 3D environments available online. The process of creating these spaces is always fraught with errors as the finer details are smoothed out, many of which have an aesthetic all their own. Teaching myself to use the programs Blender and Unity while working on these virtual spaces lead to some curious results:

MKH Tropix 01
MKH Tropix 02
MKH Tropix 03
MKHBlendedLand 01
MKH Virtually 01
MKH Virtually 02
MKH Glitch 01
MKH Glitch 02
MKH Glitch 03
MKH Holodeck 01
MKH Holodeck 02

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